Bobblehead Tutorial 2

Bobblehead Tutorial 2 – Female Anatomy

Bobblehead Tutorial 2

Using the drawing as a guide, you can also determine how many heads each section of the body takes up.

For example, the body can take up approximately 2 1/2 heads whilst the legs can take as much as 3 and a half heads. This helps you ensure the legs you create aren’t too short for the body. Using this basic concept, you have the building blocks for any female figure

* Adult Females can be 7 heads, 7 1/2 heads or 8 heads tall.

* Because women have narrow shoulders, the shoulder width on either side of the head is 3/4 head width (sometimes 1 head width but I find it looks nicer for female sculptures to have just under 1 head width).

* The legs are approximately 3 1/2 heads tall.

* When the hands a dropped by the side of the body, the finger-tips reach half-way down the outer thigh.

* The naval (belly-button) is located just above the hip bone, or just past half-way down the whole body section.