Frequently Asked Questions

1.How about Satisfaction and likeness of my bobblehead?Do You Ship Internationally?

This is not a 100% satisfaction guarantee type of offer. Our artists are excellent at what they do. However, creating the human face is a very complex and subject process. While most of our past customers are thrilled with their finished custom boblehead, honestly speaking, some are not. Please keep in mind though, that these are artistic, custom made bobbleheads, not meant to be exact replicas of your faces. We can create the likeness to your satisfaction if you can provide your opinion when reviewing the proofs. It is a very important step to make it look as close as possible. Our sculptors will take your comment seriously and make the amendment the way you asked. By doing this, you can ensure the likeness of the bobblehead that you are receiving.

3.What are your custom bobbleheads made of?

Unlike other sites, we allow you to choose the material. For more information on the materials we offer, our order form provides links to read about the options.
resin:When you choose our standard resin for your custom bobblehead doll (no additional fee), we use a 2 step process. We will hand sculpt your item out of clay and provide photo proofs via email (most time lines this is available) for approval. Once approved, we mold the clay and paint it to the specifications of the order. On completion of the hand paint, we will provide
another proof to show off our work for approval. Once approved, we mail the item to you.
polymer clay :When you choose the polymer clay cusotm bobblehead doll (additional fee applied), we will also create your doll in a 2 steps process, however very different ones. The first type proof we send to you in email form is called the complexion proof. This proof we will show you basically a lump of clay in the color that the complexion of the doll will be made out of. Once
approved, we will hand sculpt every detail into the piece using all different color clay. Polymer clay does not have paint; all the colors are hand chiseled into the custom bobblehead doll offering fine detail.

Resin – Strong material, painting and hardened – any one of our timelines can be used;Some detail lost due to paint filing in spaces (like teeth etc)

Polymer – Wonderful detail, vivid color, best overall look; More fragile than resin, pretty strong but if handled a lot, the piece can break – requires a minimum of 2-3 weeks or more when ordered.

2.What is the difference between a fully customized bobblehead and a standard body bobblehead?

Fully customized bobbleheads allow customers to customize anything and everything on the doll from head to toe, whereas a standard bodies allow you to customize the head and the change only colors of the clothing.

With a standard body,the body is a stock option and we cannot change the structure.The same craftsmanship is used on both styles.

If you need to have a different pose of different type of clothing, you will have to create a full head to toe doll in order for us to sculpt the doll as you may like. Our website shows many premade samples to choose from. We recommend taking a look to see if one can work for you. Also, try our search bar in the middle of the top to make searching a little easier. Keywords like: Golf, Baseball, Office will narrow the search saving you time.

4.What size can you made?

Our bobbleheads are about 7 inches high. You also probably noticed that different bobbleheads have different positions, some are sitting, some are bending, some are in other shapes and so on… So these bobbleheads might be shorter because of their position but will be proportionnally equal to 18cm if they were standing.The height of each bobblehead depends on the model, Did you know that we can create any size custom bobblehead doll? Literally from as little as 4 inches (or less) to real size tall.
Our bobblehead dolls are custom crafted to your specifications. We specialize in using Pantone colors to meet your specific requirements.
It is important to understand the following.
A:7 inch doll compared to a 9 inch doll is not only 2 inches higher. The entire proportion of the doll is larger making it wide as well as high. This holds true with all sizes.

B:Some of our pieces are either on the ground sitting or in a car. These are not true to the size you select. They will be proportional based on the pose and end up smaller overall.

5.Can you sculpt everything?

We can sculpt as long as you can imagine. The “Fully Customized ” category on the left side of your screen is here for that.

7.Do I have to tell you the eye color?

Yes, the reason we require the eye color is that sometimes photos do not show it properly. Some photos have red eye as well making it hard to determine.

8.How many stock/premade body for custom bobblehead?

we are very proud to say we created thousands of premade body , many of which have taken our sample bodies and client photos to boast as there work. Choose wisely when making your selection.
We have led the industry and provide many thousands of clients monthly with unique, hand-sculpted bobblehead dolls. We offer free proofing to ensure your satisfaction.we are sorry to let you know we can’t show all premade on website. as long as you can find any premade body you like on any websites ,we can create in polymer for you.

9.What are the rules in regards to Hair Styles?

We fall back to the primary photo in regards to the hair style. We recommend for some folks who wear their hair a certain way in the back to provide a rear or profile photo so we can see the type of hair they are referring to.

Important note, our bobblehead dolls are created with resin or polymer which is very hard by nature. Due to the construction of our dolls, the hair line must not interfere with the shoulders or neck. We will do our best to make the hair on the doll low enough to allow a bobble action. If the hair is lower than the shoulders, the movement will be restricted. Requests to make the hair in the front and back below the shoulder; is fine but your doll will have limited or no movement within the head. For this type doll, we recommend our clients to order a fixed head type where we have no limitations. If you provide a photo with long hair, we will do our best to make the hair like the photo and provide as much movements as possible. But we do urge you to only create the hair above the shoulder to allow our bobble head dolls the maximum bobble action.

6.How many stages of proofs?

Clay Head Proof – 1. resin :we will hand sculpt the head to resemble the Front photo you attached to the order for free. Once you approve the item we move forward to the next step.
2.polymer clay : we will send you clay head with eyes color for free, Once you
approve the item we move forward to bake it,it won’t make change after baked.
Clay Body Proof – 1.resin :For full customized doll, we will hand sculpt the body to resemble the order notes and or photo you attached to the order. At this time, you will be able to make any changes to the position, etc. Once you approve the item we move forward to the next step.
2.polymer clay : we will send you clay body with color for free, please let us
know the specific details before place order, Once you approve the item we move forward to bake it, it won’t make change after baked.
Final Proof – during this stage, we will show you the finished product, during this stage and with all your previous feedback, most customers are happy and approve their doll to have it shipped.
At this stage, 1.resin :only the color/logos/texts can be changed as your doll is completely molded and painted which can not be changed. We have to re-sculpt the head/body if you want to make any other changes at this stage, and we will charge $25 USD to re-sculpt a head/body.
2.polymer clay : we will send you all color proof for free and ship it.
ALL OF OUR PAINT IS OIL FREE AND SAFE!! It complies with all regulations.

10.What photographs should I send?

Generally, We need 1 good clear front view photo to actually sculpt from. A profile can be sent but is not necessary. However, if you want a head to toe full custom design, we will need a body shot and pose/outfit photos.We accept all picture formats but prefer .JPG and .GIF files.The output of the bobblehead depends on the quality of the photograph. Therefore, we always recommend that the photograph should have a smiling face or with some unique facial expression. We strongly advise against sending us wedding photos or artistic photos that use soft lenses, but lack in facial details.

11.If there are no refunds, how do you ensure that I will love my bobblehead?

Our proofing process allows you to have full control over the sculpting and painting of your custom bobblehead. After each stage of the production process, you will be able to approve or deny the results. If you approve a stage, we will move forward with the production process. If you deny it, just tell us what to change and we will redo it until you are happy. This helps to guarantee your satisfaction since you’d be directly involved in every step of the production process!

13.Do your heads bobble?

We receive this question a lot, the answer is yes all our heads do bobble. We also can make fixed heads if you would like, just let us know in the order notes section of the order form.

14.What should I do if there is a problem or if I want to change my order?

At, we strive to accommodate your needs. If any changes need to be made, contact us immediately by emailing us at

15.What Countries do you Ship to?

WORLDWIDE! We ship products all Over the World – over 210 Worldwide destinations where post office works.

17.Am I responsible for customs duties and taxes?

TAX: Youni Ltd will NOT charge a sales tax for sales except . However, the buyer is responsible for any taxes, customs or import duties levied on the ordered package.

Customs or Import Duties : You may be subject to import duties and taxes, which are levied once the package reaches your country. Additional charges for customs clearance must be borne by you; we have no control over these charges and cannot predict what they may be. Customs policies vary widely from country to country; you should contact your local customs office for further information. Additionally, when ordering from Youni Ltd you are considered the importer of record and must comply with all laws and regulations of the country in which you are receiving the goods.
Please be advised that your country may add a tariff or duty to the parcel because it contains a commercial invoice. The buyer is responsible for any and all additional destination tariffs.

20.Can you ship for a multiple product order?

we will make every attempt to ship all products contained in the order at the same time. Products that are unavailable at the time of shipping will be shipped as they become available, unless you inform us otherwise. You will only be charged for products contained in a given shipment, plus any applicable shipping charges. You will only be charged for shipping at the rate quoted to you on your purchase receipt. The entirety of this shipping charge may be applied to the first product(s) shipped on a multiple shipment order.

21.What is your Custom bobble head Return Policy?

All of Youni Ltd merchandise is personalized and made to custom specifications. By placing this order and completing the checkout- I agree my order cannot be cancelled, returned or disputed in the event I am not happy with my product. Please check for the full information about our policy.

22.Can I have coupon discount for same body with different head?

We offer a smaller discount for orders of 5 or more different dolls – particularly if they all use the same body style, Please call to discuss as below,
5 or more of any item, get 10% off
11 or more of any item, get 15% off
25 or more of any item, get 20% off

23.How do I place bulk order?

We actually offer 2 types of bulk information. For people seeking many unique dolls (example 5 or more of all different heads) We recommend you email us at and let us know the specifics of your requirements.

Our second type of bulk orders are when multiple copies are needed of a duplicated doll.

Did we miss a question you may still have. That’s easy to fix. Simply email us at – ask your question for a rapid response. We look forward to making you bobble!

25.How are you able to offer duplicates at such low prices?

During the sculpting process of your original doll, every detail is sculpted by hand. This is a very time-consuming process. Once you have approved this doll, we are able to make a mold of it which allows us to quickly and accurately create duplicates. We pass this savings on to you in order to allow you to get multiple dolls for everyone who thinks your bobblehead is as cool as you do. But remember, we destroy the molds after the original ships…so make sure to order your duplicates BEFORE the molding & casting stage of your order.

28.How much will my bobblehead cost?

Our bobblehead dolls start from $79 to $159 including all charges and free shipping worldwide in standard delivery.We have no charge small additional fees of add-on items like tattoos, glasses and hats in process.

30.Can I Get Free Shipping on all categories of bobbleheads from unibobble?

It’s true! Now order any number of Bobbleheads from us and the shipping is free.

31.Can you make bobblehead dolls of famous people?

Generally, we cannot make dolls of any person who profits from their own image, including professional athletes, musicians and actors. However, we are allowed to make dolls of political figures and athletes, since their creation would not infringe upon current copyright laws.

32.How can extra, returned and unused bobbleheads be used?

unibobble may use any extra copies, returned or unused custom bobbleheads or others products as samples for potential customers. These products will not be made for sale.

12.What type of proofs do I see?

It truly depends on the type of doll you order or the material you choose. During the custom bobblehead process, we can provide complexion proofs, head proofs, body proofs (if full custom is utilized) and full color completed proofs. Each step can be approved or modified while in that step. If a change is requested, we will amend the doll proof and provide a revised proof for approval. If the new proof is approved we will bake the mold in the step and move forward towards another type of proof. As approvals are received, we continue to bake and process your dolls.

Super important – Some of our production options such as 1-2 weeks or 1 week will only have internal proofing only. We make the dolls, use a internal proofer and then send the dolls. If your timeline permits, we highly suggest a 2-3 or longer time line so you can provide the approvals. this yields greater satisfaction.

Once the approval is provided in a stage, you can not longer modify the mold. This is crutial in complexion proofs and clay head / body proofs. Once approved the item is baked. Once baked, only colors can be modified. To make a structure change on a approved head/body will result in a resculpting fee.

16.How long should I wait for my bobbleheads?

If you need your bobblehead by a certain date, use the Special Instructions box in the Order Form to tell us. We will do our best to meet your deadline. Standard delivery takes 4-6 weeks and is free. If any delays in receipt of approval of the proof or changes to the proof are requested, additional time may be needed to complete the job.添加区块

18.Will I be notified when my order ships?

After your order shipped, we will send you an email shipping notice with Tracking Number, confirming that your package has been sent to you.

19.How long should I received my bobblehead?

he delivery time depends on the service you choose (you’ll be able to choose the service just before the payment, delivery options. The express service delivery time will be on or before 2 week and the standard service delivery time will be on or before 3 weeks. The delivery time doesn’t include non-working days such as Saturday, Sunday and all national festivals. Every
modification requested by the customer will add 1 week to the delivery time for both express and standard service delivery. For orders shipped to Brazil, 3 weeks delivery time must be added to both express and standard service.
The timelines we offer are only considered approximate made and delivered times.

Approximately 4-6 weeks (Free shipping) – we offer complete and free proofs
Approximately 3-4 weeks (starting from 29.99) – we offer complete and free proofs
Approximately 2-3 weeks (starting from 36.99) – we offer complete and free proofs
Approximately 1-2 weeks (starting from 59.99) – This option offers in house proofing only
Approximately 1 week (starting from 109.99) – This option offers in house proofing only

Please note that all our work is custom made to order. Being said, we can only offer approximate timelines due to the 3rd party shipping and delays in acceptance of proofs or modifications. If changes are requested, it will add additional time to your order possible making the desired timeline to be received slightly later.

All shipments require signatures for delivery. We will ship with FedEx, DHL and EMS in all cases.We ship with overnight delivery, but some areas do not offer this service. If this is the case, a couple additional days will be required. Once your final approval of the completed proof is given, we have 1 more day for a slow bake and then can prepare your doll for shipment.

24.What kind of payment should I make?

We accept a variety of payment methods, so that no matter where you are around the world, we have an option that suits you.
Here are the methods of payment that we currently accept:
Paypal(Visa/Delta/Electron/Master Card/ Eurocard/ Maestro/ American Express)
Western Union
Note: We do not store any of your credit card information locally or externally. We have full PCI compliance and when your credit card is processed through our partner, Stripe, your credit card number is never exposed to us or anyone.

26.Can I have coupon discount for reach certain amount?


27.Do I get a discount o shipment if I purchase multiple ?

we will offer a discount on shipping for combining shipments.

29.Can I order duplicates of my custom bobblehead?

Absolutely! In fact, we give discounted rates for dolls ordered in any quantity over 1piece in as below,
1-10 pcs :50% off
11-24 pcs : 55% off
25-49 pcs : 60% off
50-100 pcs : 65% off
101 -200 pcs :70 % off
201 – 250 pcs : 75% off
How sweet is that?! For example, the base price of a fully customized single doll is $98.9, 1-10 duplicates would be only $49.5 each, 11-24 duplicates are only $44.5 each, and 25-49 are only $39.6 each. Thats as much as 60% off the original doll! At these prices, make sure to get one for everyone,and also this price including shipping cost!

*Please note – duplicate pricing can only be applied to your order BEFORE the molding & casting stage of your order. Make sure to add duplicates to your order as soon as possible to get the duplicate pricing.

33.How does protect my information?

Orders placed with are made using a secure server, on a secure page. The secure server (SSL) encrypts your information before sending to Please review our Privacy Policy for more information.