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In the event a product price is listed incorrectly due to typographical error or error in pricinginformation received from our vendors, shall have the right to refuse or cancel any orders placed for product listed at the incorrect price, regardless of whether the order has beenconfirmed and your credit card charged. If your credit card has already been charged for the purchase and your order is canceled, will immediately credit your credit card account in the amount of the incorrect price.

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Order Policy

Your receipt of an electronic or other form of order confirmation does not signify our acceptanceof your order, nor does it constitute confirmation of our offer to sell. reserves the right at any time after receipt of your order to accept or decline your order for any reserves the right at any time after receipt of your order, without prior notice to you,to supply less than the quantity you ordered of any item. We may require additional verificationor information before accepting any order.

Bobblehead Proofing Policy

Proofing is our way to try to ensure you will be happy with the custom bobblehead doll. All our dolls include the proofing fee. However, faster orders of 1-2 weeks or less will waive this process and allow for internal proofing only.Proofs allow you to become part of the sculpting and painting process. During the proofing of the clay head, body if custom made and painting, you will receive emails showing the progress of your custom bobblehead doll.If necessary, revisions can be made; a maximum of two revisions for molding and one revision forpaint is allowed at no charge, additional revisions are subject to a $10.00 fee per revision over the set forth terms and we exclusively have the right to process additional modifications at nocharge at our discretion.
MOLDED HEAD / BODY: Once approval is received there will be no more revisions as the doll is baked.
PAINTED / COMPLETED PROOFS: Once approved there are no more revisions allowed and the order is processed for final shipment.
REVISIONS can and will effect delivery times, therefore multi-revisions will normally exceed yourexpected delivery date as we need your email authorization to proceed from step to step.It is noted that bobbleheads are more of a caricature of the person and does not necessarily mirror 100% of that person’s likeness. We stand by our skilled artisans,they have been hand sculpting and painting for nearly a decade, however if you expect to receive a Michelangelo or a Picasso Custom Bobblehead this product is not for you and we strongly urge you not top purchase.From time to time, we will provide a head proof that is approved by our client and we will bakethe material. By doing so, we can no longer make any changes to the head. When the completed proof comes, the photo may be at a different angle and appear different. It is the same as whenapproved in clay. Another item we seen in the past is that once color is provided (resin only),our client may believe it changed the doll. Again, it is the same, however paint can cause (along with a photo flash of the camera taking the photo) the item to seem different then the clay aswell. Again, once the clay was baked, it is not possible to change and the color proof is thesame as the clay head.If our client at this stage is not happy, we can offer a few suggestions:Try to recolor the head – modification of colors can make a large difference to the outcome.
Resculpt the head- this will impose the 25.00 fee. We also would recommend a new photo to use tosculpt from.Order is considered complete. We will simply send the doll to you.

This is used in the event we propose the solutions and our client is not willing to accept any. At this time, no furtheradjustments are being requested and the refusal to resculpt the previously approved head leaves us the only solution – which is to send the doll and consider the job complete. Our orders arecustom made to order. During the checkout procedure, we set forth terms and agreements on our no return policy and time line policy. This is mandatory and agreed to by our clients in order toplace their order.Therefore, we have no choice to consider the order complete and mail the item.
Refusal of a mailed item: In the event the job defaults to become complete and we send the item.Our clients have the right to refuse delivery and turn it back to the sender. If this happens, we will receive the doll back but it does not cancel the terms of the order set forth during the checkout. If an order is returned to us. We will hold it for 30 days. We can resend the orderto the client with a written request – a shipping fee will be added before shipment over thelisted order as we already spent the shipping money on the first attempt.


This site may contain links to other sites on the Internet that are owned and operated by third parties. You acknowledge that we’re not responsible for the operation of or content located on orthrough any such site.

Shipping and Damage Claims

As we try to avoid damages with extreme care within our packing, sometimes damage can occur. All claims for shipping damage must be filed by the recipient with UNIBOBBLE in writing within threedays of receipt, including sending digital photographs of the damaged product, box and packingmaterial to us at
We won’t be liable for any damages which have not been report timely.All our merchandise is carefully packaged for shipment in approved packing boxes along with custom fitted Styrofoam and or clam shell inserts. UNIBOBBLE will remake the damaged products at its solediscretion if breakage was caused by neglect in our packing process. If this is thecase, we will ship the replacement product to the customer within the posted standard order delivery time on thewebsite (where the new remake order is considered received on the date when the shipping damageclaim has been recognized by UNIBOBBLE).If the damage photos do not show us a clean break or more information is required from our quality control team, you may be required to mail back the damaged doll at your sole expense. If thisrequest is made, please ensure to include your order information within that package as well as onthe main shipping box.Please obtain the proper tracking information as well so we can follow your return properly.Once we receive the written notification, we will notify you of our acceptance and provide thenext steps based on the following information:
Complete Damage to product – we will recast you a copy from the existing mold used. We willprovide photo proof of the completed doll and resend it to you in the mail.
Slight damage to product – we will determine if the damage is easily repaired (recommend crazyglue) prior to replacement. If the damage is small, we may ask you to send it to our facility forrepair at our sole desecration.
Under no circumstance will a refund be offered for any situation in regards to your custom madebobblehead doll. As per our checkout policy which was agreed to, we offer no such refunds.Please note, sometimes we need to ship the doll in 2 pieces to assist in the safety of properdelivery.

Shipping Policy

You have the option during your order checkout to select the time frame to receive your item. If any delays in receipt of approval of the proof or changes to the proof are requested, additional time may be needed to complete the job.we understand that your selected shipping time lines will be met in most cases. While in production email proofs are sent for approval. Limited changes are free to make but can add 1-5 days to the process each time. Also, check spam folders to ensure you are receiving our emails. Being said,we cannot make any guarantees when an order will arrive. If you do not agree, we urge you not to complete this order. In the event a specific delivery date is missed – we are unable to refund or cancel your order. This statement supersedes all written forms of guarantees as we have no guarantees.All items are shipped from our own factory which is located in China.
Approx 4-6 week received time -Our standard option used for those who want the doll and have plenty of time to receive them. This option offers full proofs and either a FedEx or EMS delivery to your location. Each proof throughout each stage, Head & Hair, Color and Body (if applicable). You will see your doll created in the likeness of the photo you provided. you can assist ourartists in making minor adjustments to perfect the look of your doll. Once all approvals are received, we will gently pack your item and send it out.

All items must be signed for and we can not delivery to PO Boxes or APOS..
Approx 3-4 week received time- Like our standard option all the proofs will be received. This option places your item into production with an actual artist sooner which allows a faster turn- around time for your receipt. All items must be signed for and we can not delivery to PO Boxes or APOS.
Approx 2-3 weeks – Like standard and express, all options apply – again this option allows your production before the previous two giving a faster turnaround time. All items must be signed for and we can not delivery to PO Boxes or APOS.
Approx 1-2 weeks – This option is a faster option. due to time constraints, we have to do internal proofing only. This means that we basically are as good as the photo we receive and will do our best to sculpt the likeness based on the primary photo. With this option, we can not offer our polymer clay type dolls as they require 2-3 weeks or longer options. As with all options, we are not responsible for missed / late time lines and offer no refunds if the delivery fallsoutside of this window. All items must be signed for and we can not delivery to PO Boxes or APOS.
Approx 1 week – The fastest option we offer for the person who just cannot wait. We will provide no proofs for this option and use internal proofing only. Keep in mind – we are very good at sculpting our dolls to look like the photos we are given. The quality of the photo assists us in making the sculpt. With this option, we can offer our polymer clay type dolls as they require 2 -3 weeks or longer options. The success of our dolls is that we allow the proofs to be received, amended and or changed based on your feedback. When utilizing this option, we need to waive the proofs making the dolls resemble how we think they should, not with your feedback. Our satisfaction rate on this option is 50-75%. This is due to the ability for you to tell us crucial feedback in the creation. All items must be signed for and we can not delivery to PO Boxes or APOS.
Holiday Time Lines During the year we offer special time lines that state Holiday delivery. At these time, our Holiday schedule is to be followed based on the specific day a doll is ordered. While we always desire to allow for proofs during these special times, to meet time lines, some dates will have no proofs. Please see our Holiday schedule during November and December. As withall our doll, we strive to meet your needs but keep in mind – our dolls are handcrafted and sculpted from a talented team. Sometimes our clients do not feel they resemble the person from the photo, while many do. We urge you not to order if you feel we will not be able to satisfy you. All sales are final.
The time frame to begin production requires receipt of the photographs for the project. Proofsalso must be acknowledged and approved (unless specified as internal proofing only). Any delayswill result in a delay in delivery (even if a faster delivery option is selected). No refundswill be offered if delays occur. Our work week is considered Monday

  • Friday excluding Saturdayand Sunday as well as all National and Federal Holidays.

Ex. If an order is received on Thursday Thanksgiving day and requires a 2 week delivery – theactual date our production will begin is on the following Monday. Take this into account when choosing your time frame as it will be delivered 2 weeks from Monday not the day of your order.

“Youni” will automatically send you an email during each step of the order. We will select theappropriate shipping method to ensure delivery by the time frame selected. We will provide atracking number. Our preferred shipping provider is FedEx. Remember, you can only count actualbusiness days to receive your order. “Business days” do not include Saturday, Sunday or Holidays.All our dolls are created in our factory which is located in China. During the Chinese New Year(1 week in February), our factory closes. We ship daily and orders are received in most cases thefollowing day. Remember, the time line is 13 hours ahead of US times.
We cannot guarantee when an order will arrive. Consider any shipping or transit time offered toyou byCarrieror other parties only as an estimate. We are not responsible for delays in3rd party shipping including custom delays, attempted delivery or FEDEX / DHL cut off. Weencourage you to order in a timely fashion to avoid delays caused by shipping or productavailability.
Note that most items come delivered in a single piece but some items come shipped in multiplepieces to avoid accidentally breakage during shipping. Basic binding glue can be utilized tosecure them into place on arrival. We recommend Crazy Glue which really works well.Also note, some items such as bobbleheads with motorcycles and desks have an additional shippingfee added into them to cover the expense of the larger type pieces.
Please note: Holidays (National) such as Christmas, Thanksgiving, July 4th do not count withinthe delivery time.Your production begins the following day after your photos and payment has been received. If youplace your order Monday – the delivery time is XX days from Tuesday (excluding any Holidays). Ifthe expected delivery date falls on a weekend day, your item will be received the following Monday.We ship all the bobblehead dolls via Fedex, we will provide a tracking number. All items areshipped from us directly in China. you may get your bobbleheads within 2-5 days after shipped.EMSis another cheap optional if your time is acceptable.All items must be signed for and we can not delivery to PO Boxes via Fedex .
I understand that all shipping time lines are based on estimates only. As each piece is handsculpted, we cannot guarantee when your doll is to be completed but in most cases we meet the timeline selected. We send photos to you during production for approval. Ensure emails are not in anyspam folders. Delays of approvals or changes if requested to the proof can add additional time toany time line. We cannot guarantee when an order will arrive. If you do not agree, we urge younot to complete this order. In the event a specific delivery date is missed – we are unable torefund or cancel your order.
If you have questions please contact customer service at please include yourorder number or call 86-136-8636-8939. and one of our experienced customer service representatives will be more than happy to answer your questions. After speaking with one of ourservice reps and you’re still not fully satisfied we strongly urge you not to place an order.
Standard Delivery to USA can be expected in 5 to7weeks* Priority Delivery to USA can be expectedin 3 to 4 weeks* Express Delivery to USA can be expected in 2 to 3 weeks* Rush Delivery to USA canbe expected in 10 business days* (no proofing) Super Delivery to USA can be expected in 7 businessdays* (no proofing)*

Some Assembly Required

As all our dolls are created by hand, they sometimes need to be shipped and packed into Styrofoamor into different packing material such as this:
The main doll is wrapped in various bubble wrap and foam, placed into a secure setting within themain box. Sometimes, different parts of the doll are needed to be shipped separate from the maindoll and like the base listed below, the use of crazy glue works best for assembly. We feel it isbetter to have every effort to allow your dolls to arrive safely than damaged.The base may be separated from the doll, wrapped along the same lines and placed into it’s owncreated spot within the Styrofoam.To assemble, we recommend “crazy glue” which works best.As we try very hard to prevent any troubles on receipt, please understand we pack them as theyneed to be packed to help assure this.

Payment Terms

The prices are understood as including transport costs, according to the amount applicable and notaxable.Delivery costs are invoiced as additional to the figurines ordered.The prices may not be modified once the customer has placed the order. In the same way, if one ormore taxes or contributions, in particular environmental were to be suddenly created or modified,by an increase or a drop, this change can only be recovered on the selling price of the articlespresent on the Seller’s site and the sales documents. The prices of the articles ordered on thesite and the date of the order in question constitute proof.The User has only the choice of paying for his purchases by paypal,bank card (Visa,Eurocard, Mastercard) in accordance with a fully secured payment system which guaranteesencryption of bank details.An invoice is drawn-up for each delivery, and is immediately available for consultation andprinting on the Internet site on the customers’ secured account (heading “MyAccount”). The customer can obtain a copy of his invoice on request (Telephone, fax, mail or e-mail).The buyer must pay any taxes, customs duties or VAT that their local authorities may request upondelivery. You are solely responsible for the payment of these taxes and duties.

Refund Policy

100% satisfaction guarantee.All orders for custom bobbleheads are final and cannot be canceled.Proofs will allow you to become part of the approval process for molding and painting, during these steps revisions can be made; a maximum of two revisions for molding and one revision forpaint. Once paint is approved there are no more revisions allowed and the order is processed for
immediate shipment. Revisions can and will effect delivery times, therefore multi-revisions will normally exceed the expected delivery date as we need your email authorization to proceed fromstep to step. In the event your order is received broken we may ask you for photographic proof ofthe damage and request you contact our customer service department within 48 hours of receipt;customer service can be contacted at and you must include your order number orcall 86-136-8636-8939. At our discretion we have the right to remake the item or give you acredit. It should be noted bobbleheads are more of a caricature of the person and does notnecessarily mirror 100% of that person’s likeness. We stand by our skilled craftsman, they havebeen hand sculpting and painting for many years however if you expect to receive a Michelangelo ora Picasso Custom Bobblehead this product are not for you and we strongly suggest you do not make apurchase as all sales are final. If at least two revision of the clay proof are attempted and you are not happy and would like to cancel, a 20% CANCELLATION FEE will be imposed on the total valueof the order, if you are unhappy with 2 attempts to repaint the bobble and would like to cancel, a25% CANCELLATION FEE will be imposed on the total value of the order.
If the bobblehead doll is received broken or chipped, you must report to us within 48hours ofreceiving your shipment. We will not be liable for any damages which have not been reported in atimely mannerPurchasers may asked replacement product if they are not satisfied with their original product foran additional charge of $25 per piece, includingshipping.

Return Policy

Return policy for Custom Orders:No refunds, all sales final. Since they are always made-to-order just for that special person andas a result all sales are final.By placing this order and completing the checkout- I agree my order can not be cancelled, returnedor disputed in the event I am not happy with my product. While most of our clients are thrilledwith their bobblehead, some are not. All custom made bobbleheads are not meant to be exactreplicas of your faces or accessories. Our artists find distinguishing characteristics andaccentuate those to create a likeness.If you do not agree, we urge you not to complete this order. Since they are always made-to-orderas a result there is No refunds and all sales are final.
In the event you receive a bobblehead doll and request a change, we can not accept post repairdolls. We are unable to make such modifications to any completed doll as our process for thefinal doll is to bake them and after so, no further change can be made. Once received, ourtransaction is considered complete.

Photo and Hair Facts about our dolls

Our bobblehead dolls are created with either resin or polymer clay. Both compounds are hard bynature. Due to the construction of our dolls, the hair line must not interfere with the shouldersor neck. We will do our best to make the hair on the doll low enough to allow a bobble action.If the hair is lower than the shoulders, the movement will be restricted. Requests to make thehair in the front and back below the shoulder; is fine but your doll will have limited or nomovement within the head. For this type doll, we recommend our clients to order a fixed head typewhere we have no limitations. If you provide a photo with long hair, we will do our best to makethe hair like the photo and provide as much movements as possible. But we do urge you to onlycreate the hair above the shoulder to allow our bobble head dolls the maximum bobble action.

Holiday Info policy

Please note that each tier will potentially increase shipping time, so order early.


UNIBOBBLE guarantees that its ‘personalized figurines’ have been the subject of all the care andattention necessary in order to ensure their compliance with the description which is reproducedon the site at the date of the order as well as their compliance with the legislation in force.No other express or implied warranty is granted. In particular,the customer is only liable forthe choice of the options selected and the quality of the photographs sent. The figurines are madeby the hand by specialist and quality craftsmen.

By ordering on the site, you implicitly acceptthe resulting effect that the figurine will produce. According to the terms of article of theConsumer Code, the personalization of the object is construed as the supply of goods carried outaccording to the consumer’s requirements and clearly personalized. Any request for withdrawal orrefunding for reasons of non-resemblance, will be refused.The Seller has for all the ordering stages as well as the later stages pursuant to the contractsignature an obligation of due care.In all cases, is not to be held liable in the event that non-execution of itsobligations ascribable either to the unforeseeable and insurmountable deed of a third-party to thecontract or in the event of an Act of God as defined by jurisprudence.Similarly, is not to be held liable for any risks or damage inherent through the use of the Internet network, in particular a breakdown in service, an external intrusion or thepresence of IT viruses.Under no circumstances, can be held liable for the non-observance of the legislativeor regulatory provisions in force in the countries of delivery.


All the elements on the Sellers’ site, whether visual or audible, including the subjacent technology, are protected by the laws governing royalties, brands or patents. They are the exclusive property of the Seller.The User who has an Internet site on a purely personal basis and who wishes to place, for personal use, on his site a single link directly pointing to the site of the Seller, must obligatorily ask the Seller for written and prior authorization.In all cases, any unauthorized link, will have to be withdrawn on demand by the Seller.

Taxes / Duty Fees

We are ship out worldwide ,you are solely responsible for all sales taxes or other taxes.


If you choose to use our referral service to tell a friend about the Website or the “Youni” products and services, we will ask you for your friend’s name and email address. We will automatically send your friend a one-time email inviting him or her to visit the Website. We store this information for the sole purpose of sending this one-time email and tracking the success of our referral program.


This Web site takes every precaution to protect our users’ information.When you send sensitiveinformation (such as your credit card number) to us via our order form, that information isencrypted and protected with SSL, the current industry-standard encryption protocol. When you areon such an SSL-protected page, a picture of a closed lock appears at the bottom or top of some Webbrowsers. At other times this lock appears open. Another way to tell if you are on a secure pageis to look at the address or URL of the page.(Look in the address box or right-click on the pageand select “Properties”.) These secure SSL-encrypted pages have URLs that start with https://instead of http:// .your Personal Information is important to us. When you enter sensitive information such asa credit card number and/or social security number on our registration or order forms,

we encrypt that information using secure socket layer technology (SSL).We follow generally accepted industry standards to protect the Personal Information submitted tous, both during transmission and once we receive it. However, no method of transmission over theInternet, or method of electronic storage, is 100% secure. Therefore, while we strive to use commercially acceptable means to protect your Personal Information, we cannot guarantee itsabsolute security.

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Information Collection and Use

UNIBOBBLE value our customers and their privacy. All personal information is used to ensure efficient processing of your order. This information is used by our staff for contacting and identifying customers and their needs. We will not give, sell, rent, or loan any identifiablepersonal information to any third party, unless we are legally required to do so.


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Coupon codes

From time to time, “Youni” offers different coupon codes in media and online. Please note, weonly can accept 1 coupon code per order. Multiple uses per order are not accepted.If used, wewill honor the highest code presented and the other codes if used, will be invalid. We will applythe proper charge back to the payment method on file.