Make A Custom Dog bobblehead Doll

$78.00 $68.00


Make A Custom Dog bobblehead Doll

$78.00 $68.00

Outlest price ,no dim cost ,free proof ,prime quality ,quick turnaround and shipping worldwide.


A custom dog bobbleheads can be a quirky decoration for your desk at work or a funny gift for your boss or manager. Add an umbrella to make him a fancy British gentleman, or add a briefcase or other accessories of the professional life to make the perfect present. Such a personalized bobblehead will amuse and draw questions from co-workers and clients!

Get Your Own Custom Bobblehead in 5 EASY Steps

The custom dog bobbleheads process is fun and interactive every step of the way. You have full creative control over your bobblehead’s appearance. Follow these five easy steps to custom bobblehead bliss…

Step 1: Select a body style from the left sidebar and upload your favorite photos, plus any additional information.

Custom Bobbleheads Face Pics

The best facial photos to include are a) front view, b) 3/4 view, and c) side view.

Step 2: Our artists carefully craft your bobblehead(s) based on the information you’ve provided.

Step 3: After the initial molding/baking phase, you will be able to receive free proofs through our interactive CPanel process and make any necessary changes.

Step 4: After receiving your final approval, we will complete construction of the custom bobblehead.

Step 5: The custom dog bobbleheads is then enclosed in protective styrofoam, placed in a cardboard box, and shipped to the your location .