Custom Firefighter With Hose Bobblehead Doll



Custom Firefighter With Hose Bobblehead Doll


A Custom Firefighter With Hose Bobblehead Doll can be a quirky decoration for your desk at work or a funny gift for your boss or manager.  Add an umbrella to make him a fancy British gentleman, or add a briefcase or other accessories of the professional life to make the perfect present. Such a personalized bobblehead will  amuse and draw questions from co-workers and clients!

How to order:

Get Your Own Custom Bobblehead in 5 EASY Steps

1. Posture selection: Please choose a posture from the listing pictures and then message me which one your favorite during checkout, Can’t find your favorite? Just choose Posture #1, I can make a fully customized bobblehead for you.

2. Add a figurine to Your Cart, the sample pictures shown are for your reference, you can later add any customized request, including size or background, since the figurine will be 100% customized hand made just for you.

3. Add order details
PLEASE KINDLY NOTE THAT It is NOT feasible to change the color during the creation. We use the clay that is the same as the color codes you selected to make the figure’s skin tone/eye/hair. Once you want to change it, that means we will have to re-make a new bobblehead, we will charge you the cost accordingly, so please choose your color codes carefully.Please choose the Color Code for your skin tone, eyes and hair .

PS: The item is free, please don’t add it to your cart and pay.(You can leave a message and choose color for your hair/eyes/skin in the order)

4.Submit your order. Send your photos via messages or to my email. Please try to send both a front-view photo of the person (a close-up of their face picture), and a side-view photo showing the person’s profile. I can do a great job without a profile photo, but if you have one, please include it. I strongly recommend that you send photos taken with plenty of light, bright colors and clear facial features.

5.After ordering you will receive an email with a photo review of your sculpted figurine. You have the option to either approve the figurine , or you can suggest changes and I will make the modifications as requested and send you a new photo preview.

This process ensures that the final sculpting will be exactly what you are looking for, and during this process you will be able to make changes until you are completely satisfied. Then, the Firefighter Custom Bobblehead is then enclosed in protective styrofoam, placed in a cardboard box, and shipped to the your location .

Additional information

Weight0.5 kg
Dimensions17 × 8 × 8 cm
Eye color

E01 – Hazel, E02 – Light-brown, E03 – Dark-brown, E04 – Black, E05 – Gray, E06 – Green, E07 – Light-blue, E08 – Blue

Hair Color

H1 -Black, H2 – Dark-Gray, H3 – Gray, H4 – White, H5 -Black-Brown, H6 – Dark-Brown, H7 – Medium-Brown, H8 – Light-Brown, H9 – Dark-Blond, H10 – Medium-Blond, H11 – Blond, H12 – Light-blond, H13 – Reddish-Brown, H14 – Red

Skin color

S1 – Asian, S2 – Light Causasion, S3 – Red, S4 – Pale, S5 – Pinkish Pale, S6 – Tan, S7 – Light Tan, S8 -Black, S9 – Light Black, S10 – Medium Black