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Bobblehead Tutorial 1

Bobblehead Tutorial 1 – Female Anatomy


Bobblehead Tutorial 1-The face can take longer to create than the rest of the human body. So many muscles are at work in the face and this can make it tricky. There are 6 main rules to being able to pull off a realistic face.

1.The eyes are located halfway down the head.

2.The more symmetrical a face is, the more attractive it is.

3.The top of where the ears join the head is in-line with the corner of the eyes.

4.When looking at the face from the front, the distance from the outer corner of the eye to the side of the face should be half an eye width.

5.The corners of the mouth should be approximately in-line with the pupils.and most the most important rule for learning female anatomy…

6.Always use a photo reference!